Just Cause: Crimson, Chelsea, & Amy

This is a big moment for me. I am sitting here typing my very first post for my brand new blog. This is something that I’ve wanted for over a year now, and it’s finally happening! :) :) :)

For a while, I debated on whether or not I wanted to get a website or a blog. I decided to go with a blog because I think they’re way more fun and can definitely be more personal. Obviously, the primary purpose of this is for photography, but I also intend to use it to share about life’s many adventures. Along with that, I have resolved that I will NEVER blog without posting a picture. Blogs without pictures are naked and awkward… True story.

Last Saturday, I met up with Crimson, Chelsea and Amy lto do a friend photoshoot. Crimson and I go to school at Liberty University together, and it turns out that we’re actually twins. We have the same humor, same height, same future goals and dreams… It’s actually pretty crazy. Crimson is from Woodstock, GA, and her friends Chelsea and Amy came up to Lynchburg to visit her for the first part of their spring break. We had so much fun together, and they rocked it out, despite the fact that it was freezing cold! By the way… These girls could probably be models, so prepare yourself for some gorgeousness.

Meet Amy… She has the brightest eyes you’ll ever see.

I told you they could be models.

Meet Chelsea… She kept telling me, “I’m not good at doing serious faces!!” Righttttttt.

Crimson’s actually had a lot of practice lately, which explains her perfect “fierce” look. This was the third time I’d taken pictures of her in the last 4 weeks. Either she really loves the camera, or I’m obsessed with her. :)

There’s nothing better than laughter. :)

I think this picture pretty much sums up their friendship…

True story: Ya’ll are SO awesome and totally worthy of my first blog post! :)

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