Just Cause | Hunter & Beth | Jacksonville Portrait Photographer

It was something I had dreamed of for over a year, but that didn’t stop the nerves. About a month before shooting my first wedding, I started having nightmares where I would forget all of my memory cards… Or drop my entire camera bag in a fountain… Or my flash made the bride’s dress catch on fire. Yeah… I’m pretty sure that last one isn’t even possible, but that’s just a testament to how nervous I was. Not only was this my first time being the ‘official wedding photographer’, but it was my first time ever shooting a wedding. EVER. Like, I had never even assisted another photographer before this day. Looking back now, this was probably not a smart move of me, but I was blessed to not have any major problems. I am SO thankful for Hunter & Beth, who basically put all of their trust me to capture their wedding day… Despite my total lack of experience. Here’s a look at their wedding. I love being able to see where I’ve come from and how I’ve been able to develop a style of shooting since that day.

My last month in Jacksonville before moving to Arkansas, Hunter & Beth were in town, and I was able to take some married pictures of them. This is one of my favorite kinds of shoots… Nothing can compare to the excitement of a bride & groom on their wedding day, but married couples just have a different kind of love and friendship… More intimate, more hilarious, more love. So just because you’re married, that does NOT mean you should stop having pictures taken! Here are some of my favorites from our shoot. :)

Love this series!

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I’ll end with my favorite. :)

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