Kansas City

Before I begin sharing about our trip to Kansas City this weekend, I must make it clear that in the Crawford home, we cheer for the Atlanta Braves. However, when you live in Arkansas, your baseball viewing options are rather limited, and you have to take what you can get. Aaron’s favorite thing in the world (besides me) is baseball, specifically the Braves. He lived in Atlanta for two years before moving here, and let’s just say the transition has been a little rough for him. :) Kansas City is the closest city to us that has an MLB team, but of course the Braves are playing there when we’re in Florida for camp with our high school students. Aaron was in mourning over this for about three weeks. As devastating as this realization was, we decided that a non-Braves game was better than no game at all, so we drove up to KC on Friday to see the Royals play the Angels. It was a great start to our four day weekend… Why can’t we have those every week?

Oh, you know, just taking pictures at a gas station.

If I had a favorite gas station logo, it would be Sinclair’s. That dinosaur? Totally awesome.

I thought about cropping all the gas station-ness out of this picture, but I decided to keep it as is for the memory. One day, Aaron will tell our children the embarrassing stories of how I made him take pictures with me in the oddest places. Although, they will already know this about me because I will do the same thing to them. Poor future children. And present husband.

My handsome driver! :)

The only place that I wanted to visit while we were in Kansas City was Trader Joe’s! I’m sure that sounds a little lame, but I’ve heard it is the mecca of grocery stores and wanted to see for myself! Thanks to some great recommendations from y’all, I picked up quinoa & black bean chips, cowboy salsa, dark chocolate, chai latte concentrate, crunchy cookie butter, and brownie mix. There were out of a few things that I wanted to get, so I’m already planning my next trip. Also, I think it’s time someone starts a petition for Trader Joe’s to come to Fayetteville. This town is so hippy that it would just make sense.

I didn’t take any pictures inside because Aaron was giving me the “Are you seriously about to start taking pictures of lettuce and potatoes??” look, but I totally could have. In fact, I think TJ’s would be the most adorable setting for an engagement session. Any takers? :)

Back at our hotel, we obviously used our free time for some more pictures. Aaron was thrilled.


I am not so good at the spontaneous, “do something weird!!!” pictures. Apparently, I think of making myself a little shelter?! I wish I had an explanation…

Helloooo Kauffmnn Stadium!

Someone legendary who used to play for the Royals……

You can take the man out of Atlanta, but you can’t take the Braves out of the man.

Glorious light. All I was thinking was that I wanted to be shooting a session!

This was the point in the 7th inning that we ditched our seats in the outfield and moved a little closer to the field.

Um, this was amazing… Sheridan’s Chocolate Cookie Kiss Concrete. If you ever get the chance, try one!

We lucked out and happened to go on $1 hotdog night AND fireworks night! So fun!

Bye Kauffman!

The next morning, we headed back to Fayetteville, but not before stopping at Aaron’s all-time favorite. He was a little excited.

That heart-shaped donut? Brownie Batter. Oh my word. Jillian Michaels definitely would not have approved, but my belly did!

Some would say it’s a sin that I didn’t get my coffee at Dunkin’, but at least I’m consistent!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!
Happy Tuesday!

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