The Apps I’d Die Without

Well, that’s probably a bit of a dramatic title, but there really are days that I wonder how the heck I used to function without my iPhone. My only regret is not getting a 32gb or 64gb one… My 16gb just doesn’t really cut it. I am constantly having to delete stuff off my phone because I take SO many pictures. I’ve already warned Aaron that I WILL be buying a 64gb iPhone when we start having kids (in like 50 years) because I already take like 17 pictures of Noley everyday… I can’t imagine that getting any better with an actual child. :)

Today, I wanted to share my favorite apps because I love reading about other people’s favorites! There tend to be a lot of hidden gems out there, so hopefully, I’ll help you discover one or two. :)

Instagram – This one is probably a given for most people. I rarely ever use Instagram to take/edit my pictures, but it’s definitely the best way to share photos with friends and family!

AfterLight – (Formerly known as “AfterGlow”.) This app is how I edit about 90% of my photos. I love the filter and crop options, and it allows me to upload full size images to Instagram, instead of having to crop them down to a square. Plus, I think their branding is amazing, so I never get tired of looking at the app!

Timehop – This app is AWESOME! Timehop shows you everything you posted to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. that day in history. I loved this the last two weeks because I was able to relive wedding week, our honeymoon, and the move to Arkansas… Very nostalgic. :)

Wheel of Fortune – Okay, I realize this one makes me a total nerd, but I LOVE Wheel of Fortune. It has been a secret dream of mine to be on the show since college, and I’m praying that it will actually happen one day! This is a good substitute until the day comes, and I may or may not consider it my intense training. See… Total nerd. :)

YouVersion – There are so many benefits to having access to the Bible from anywhere. I love that YouVersion not only gives me that option, but also gives me a plethora of versions and reading plans to choose from. One of my favorite plans that I’ve found is She Reads Truth. This reading plan pairs daily Scriptures with a devotional, specifically suited for women. I am especially excited that they have a plan tailored to Holy Week, and I will be diving in as we prepare to celebrate Easter next Sunday! It’s so convenient to have this on my phone, but I also love that it’s available on the web too!

Well, those are my can’t live without apps! What are some of your favorites?! I’m sure I’m missing a couple of hidden gems out there!

Happy Monday! :)

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