the box.

If I were to even try to put in words how thankful I am for the support and encouragement that I’ve recently received, I would end up sounding like an eight grade boy talking to a pretty girl for the first time. There would be stuttering, awkward silence and probably some accidental spitting becausethere are no words. All I can say is thank you, internet. Thank you.

A box. That’s what I feel like I am in. Not a box of fun and excitement, but just a regular, old boring box. Bleh. Life always has boundaries, and I have come to the realization that I haven’t been pushing them. Let’s be honest… What kind of photographer am I if I don’t push boundaries? Well, I’m a photographer in a box. Again… Bleh. Last week, CreativeLIVE teamed up with Jasmine Star(one of my favorite & top wedding photogs in the world) for a free, 5-day online seminar, specifically dealing with wedding photography. If I were to begin to list all of the things that I learned in that short amount of time, all of you probably get bored and stop reading this, so I will spare you. But above all, what seems abundantly clear is that I have become comfortable with where I am as a photographer. I’m sure there’s some fancy quote somewhere about how comfort is the best friend of apathy, and that is my worst fear. The last thing I want to be is an apathetic photographer. All this being said, I have resolved to come out of the box. No, not just come out of the box… I am going to demolish the box. (Internet, did you know that I used to be a green-advanced belt in Tae Kwon Do? That’s embarrassing? Oh. Ok.) It’s time for risk.

I can only laugh at myself because I’ve just gone on this rant, but I’m not entirely sure I know what’s going to change. I guess that’s normal… To know everything now would be way too easy. Regardless of all that, here’s the bottom line: no more comfort. no more apathy. no. more. box.

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