Wedding Wednesday | Looking Lash-tastic

There are so many decisions you have to make for your wedding… Cake or cupcakes? Bird cage or traditional veil? Sparklers or bubbles?Well, here’s ANOTHER decision for you to make! Real or false lashes? Hopefully, I can make this decision very easy for you because I love false lashes!!! They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and this couldn’t be more true than in photography! Your eyes convey so much emotion… Happiness, laughter, contentment, etc, so why not make them POP? Unlike my husband, I have not been blessed with the gift of naturally long, thick lashes. Seriously, not fair… He doesn’t even need them! You might be thinking that fake lashes will make you look like a plastic Barbie doll, especially if you tend to go for a more natural look with your makeup, but they can actually be done VERY naturally! Even if you’re not planning on hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day, you can still purchase professional grade lashes to apply yourself… Just make sure you practice putting them on a few times before the wedding, like before your engagement session, so you can put them to good use! If done right, they will make your eyes pop, and you won’t even remember they’re there! Check out this post from Pink Lou Lou for tips on applying them yourself!

Even I wore them!

photo by Julie Cate

Happy Wednesday! :)

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