Wedding Wednesday | Polyvore & Playing Dress Up

Do you ever have those days (or months, weeks, and years) when you just have the extreme urge to go shopping and buy everything in sight? Yeah, that’s been me for the past week, and in an effort to keep the peace in my marriage, I’m refraining from even allowing myself to step foot in a store. Be proud, Husbie. So what’s a girl to do when she has no money to spend but has that crazy urge to shop? Play virtual dress up, of course!

Have you ever seen those perfectly put together outfits on Pinterest like this and wondered how they were made? Well, one of the easiest and quickest ways to make them is through Polyvore, an online style community where you can create collages using clothes, accessories, etc. from any website. It’s not only awesome for everyday use, but it’s an even better tool for brides to use when trying to figure out the looks for their wedding! Let’s say you found the perfect bridesmaid dress from Ruche (which I’m DYING over, by the way), but you can’t decide what shoes and accessories to pair with it for you girls… Using Polyvore, you can bring the whole look together to see if it works BEFORE ordering a million different options and having to deal with returns.

Why didn’t I know about this before our wedding?? It seriously would have saved me from SO many headaches! Ps. I’m totally loving look 2! :)

I decided to use Polyvore to play virtual dress up this afternoon and created a few looks that would be perfect for upcoming spring and summer weddings. Everything is from ModCloth, which I absolutely adore! If you’ve never checked out their website, you need to NOW!

It might not work for everyone, but this really is the perfect way to cure my shopping urges!

Happy Wednesday!

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