Birthday Celebrations

Well, 24 has been pretty good to me so far. 24??? Is this real life? I had a great birthday on Tuesday, starting with my sweet husband bringing me breakfast in bed… I have to give Aaron props for this because the extent of his cooking skills is usually pouring cereal, and he greatly impressed me with his scrambled eggs. :) That morning, I went to Bible study at church, where we finished the last week of our semester long study. For lunch, I asked Aaron to borrow the youth group’s Wii so that we could play Mario Kart during his lunch break. Yes, I am an 8 year old boy and will always love Mario Kart, even though the Wii version can’t even touch N64’s. For dinner, we went to Outback, so I could get my favorite meal: seared ahi tuna with a wedge salad. Oh my, oh my… So delicious! Here’s the proud moment of my birthday… I actually went to the gym and ate fairly healthy! …Until that Double Doozie that I had for dessert. But still, I did A LOT better than I normally would have on my birthday, which means I’m actually becoming disciplined!

If you’ve never had the ahi tuna from Outback, you NEED to try it… So yummy!

Has anyone else noticed that Outback’s overhead lights are hung SO low? Aaron basically had to duck the whole dinner to see me.

After dinner, Aaron surprised me with a class at Painting with a Twist, which was so awesome! I’d never done anything like this in the past, and it was equal parts challenging, fun, and hilarious! My artistic abilities stop ABRUPTLY at photography, so I was pleasantly surprised with with we were able to produce. It’s a good thing the class teaches you to paint stroke by stroke, or we both would have been in big trouble. :)

My finished product… I was pretty impressed with myself!

The pensive artist… :)

Mine on the left, Aaron’s on the right.

Yeah… I think I’ll stick with photography. :)

Thanks to everyone who sent sweet birthday wishes my way! It was a great day. :)

Happy Thursday!

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