Day After Session: Cory & Victoria

Can I just say that I’ve been so excited to finally blog this session, and the day is here!! Woohoo! This is probably one of my favorite sessions to date for a multitude of reasons. #1- The lighting was phenomenal. #2- The couple was fantastic. #3- The couple was fantastic. (I know, I just repeated myself.) But seriously… How in the world do I get the most amazing clients?!

Victoria contacted me over the summer to schedule a Day After Session. Now, for those of you who aren’t up-to-date with photography lingo, a Day After Session is a session the day (or, in this case, lots of days) after the wedding. Can I just tell you why I love these sessions so much? First of all, your wedding day is pretty crazy. There’s not much time for pictures, especially of just you and your spouse. Secondly, on your wedding day, you’re pretty limited to the location(s) you can travel to, as you don’t have much time. Thirdly, on your wedding day, you’re worried about your dress/tux/suit. It can’t get dirty! Now, throw all of these things out the window. You don’t have to worry about time, you’re not limited to locations near your wedding venue and you don’t have to worry about dirtying your wedding clothes. There is freedommmmm! All that to say, I was very excited when Cory & Victoria booked me for this type of session. :)

I don’t know how it happens, but I seem to always pick up clients who have been together for forever. For Cory & Victoria, it will be NINE YEARS in November. They were so awesome to photograph… So natural together, and they legitimately had fun. (Clients… Here’s a tip. When you’re relaxed, sessions can actually be fun!) I could continue blabbing on about it, but just take a look for yourself. Mr. & Mrs. Hyden…

This was one of the first shots that I got that day. Hellooooo gorgeous lighting. God loves me.

See what I mean? Natural, fun and so stinkin’ cute!

I just have to give a shout-out to Victoria’s mad skills. She made her bouquet and Cory’s boutonniere. (Yes, I did have to look up the spelling of that.) MAD SKILLS.

Okay… So there’s a little bit of a funny story that I need to share here. My freshman year at LU, I took a voice class with my friend Kayla. One of the songs that we had to sing was “Where is Love?” from the musical “Oliver!”

The first few lines of the song say this…

Where is Love?
Does it fall from skies above?
Is it underneath the willow tree
That I’ve been dreaming of?

Well, me and my friend Kayla were super mature freshmen, and so we made up hand-motions to the song while we were practicing. Close your eyes, and try to envision the most ridiculous hand-motions possible. Yeah… That’s what we did. The day came that we had to sing in front of the class. Together. You can probably figure out that we barely made it through the first line of the song before we started hysterically laughing. Our professor was not amused. FAIL. To this day, me and Kays still joke about the willow tree hand motions… Every time I see one, I think of this story and laugh.

To answer Oliver’s question, “Where is love? Is it underneath the willow tree that I’ve been dreaming of?” I would say YES, Oliver. Yes, love is under the willow tree.

Seriously, Victoria?! You are STUNNING!!!!

I’ll end with this one because it is one of my favorites from the day…

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