This is a hard post for me to write. My little brother is eighteen. (And by “little”, I mean younger. He hasn’t been “little” since my 16th birthday.) Some would say that means he’s officially an adult. (I beg to differ because that would imply that I am an adult, and I’m not yet ready to accept that title… I’m still waiting by my window every night for Peter Pan to take me away to Neverland. Hey, it could happen. Anywayssssss…) Spencer is eighteen, so in honor of this momentous occasion, I have decided to share what I love about Spencer (in no particular order).

I love…

  1. His freckles on his nose that scrunch up when he laughs. (No, internet, I’m not just saying this because I have them.)
  2. The face that he makes when he’s trying not to laugh. It’s so hysterical, and I wish I could show you. I’m actually smiling as I think about it and type.
  3. Having jam sessions to Eminem & Rhianna while he drives.
  4. His teachability. He actually listens to me when I talk to him about serious stuff. Crazy, I know.
  5. Being able to look at him across the dinner table and know that he’s thinking the same thing as me.
  6. His dedication/discipline. Um… Let’s just say we used to be homeschooled together. He would be finished each day around 12-1pm. I would usually finish around 8-9pm. (I was just trying to be thorough!!)
  7. The memories of us playing Mario Party 3 on N64 for hours on end… 2 years ago. (So I played N64 in college. Don’t judge me, internet!)
  8. His desire to continually grow into a godly man. Yes, I said it. A man. (Insert Tim the Toolman Taylor grunt here.)
  9. Knowing that he’ll be here at Liberty with me next year!! Get ready Lynchburg… Can you handle TWO Hightowers??
  10. That he still lets me take him. Okay… He doesn’t let me take him, but he certainly doesn’t annihilate me like I know he could.

Spency… You’re the best, and I love you more than my heart could even begin to explain. I’m so blessed to have you as a brother and as a friend. Let’s always be close, please? Like even when I’m blogging about you on your 75th birthday. :)

Oh, I forgot to add that he models for GQ. Dang, son! :)

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