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I was never a crier. Every once and a while I would shed a few tears while watching The Notebook, if I was misunderstood, or when I totally blanked when taking my Trigonometry final. True story. There’s no feeling in the world like sitting down to a test that you’ve studied 20+ hours for and instantly forgetting the answer to 2+2. Yeah, it was THAT bad. Also, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have to look up the spelling of “trigonometry”. I just was never an overly emotional girl…….

And then I got married.

I don’t know what it is about marriage that has made me such a sap, but I could literally cry over seeing a turtle stranded in the middle of a highway. Sometimes I think that Aaron must be slipping a little “overly emotional” pill into my coffee every morning, but that would be the most self-destructive plan of all time…. So I guess it’s just me.

My new-found emotions have led to a few embarrassing moments recently… Like the time I was sitting in the airport culling through a recent engagement session, and I just started crying. Over pictures. Pictures that I wasn’t even in! Sheesh. What is wrong with me?! In order to make myself feel less of a crazy person, I’ve decided that all the emotions aren’t MY fault, but they are a direct result of Josh & Anna being so amazing and having some sort of emotional grip on me. Yeah… That doesn’t sound crazy at all.

All that being said, I probably don’t have to talk about incredible it was to work with Josh and Anna while I was in Florida last week, but I’m going to… Because I’m crazy and that’s what I do. I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it another hundred times in the future… I am so blessed to work with couples who are not only SO adorable together and a dream to shoot but who also have incredible hearts for the Lord and loving others. Josh and Anna are no exception. They’ve been together for going on six year. SIX people. Aaron and I didn’t even date for six MONTHS before getting married. True story. We were basically speed racers in our relationship. My favorite part of shooting their engagement session was watching how smitten they are with one another. Josh just might be the sweetest fiancé I’ve ever seen… He was always telling Anna she was beautiful, constantly making her laugh, and he actually had fun with their engagement session, instead of complaining like a lot of men tend to do. Fiancé’s of America… If you want to make your bride the happiest in the world, follow Josh’s lead. Anna is equally in love with Josh, has the best sense of humor, and she also happens to have the hair of a goddess. I rode with her to the engagement session and loved hearing her excitement to be a wife to the man she started praying for YEARS before she even knew it was Josh.

Josh and Anna – I absolutely cannot wait until your wedding next month. Thank y’all for entrusting me with your day and also for being ridiculously adorable during your engagement session. Here are my favorites from the day!

I love doing sessions at locations of significance. Josh proposed to Anna at the Friendship Fountain in downtown Jacksonville, so it was so fun to start their session there! :)

At the beginning of the session, I asked Anna if she could do a good serious face, and she adamantly said “no!” Josh laughed and told me, “Don’t listen to her… She can rock the smize”, and I definitely agree!


This is a favorite!

Anna, for real. Just stop it!

Another of my 15 favorites…

Seriously… How lucky am I to shoot their wedding next month?

Yet another favorite. The light was ROCKING my world for these.

They’re so fun!

Anna, you are beautiful, but you are also smokin’ hott. Just thought you should know. :) I also LOVE how Josh looks at her!

Okay, this one is my favorite favorite!

Y’all are amazing. :)

Happy Friday!

  • June 21, 2013 - 3:36 pm

    Karyn Carter - Kelsey, what can I say but OH. MY. GOSH! I knew I would love them, but these take my breath away. Thanks for all your hard work & can’t wait to see the wedding photos.ReplyCancel

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