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There are few things more flattering to a wedding photographer than being hired by the same family more than once. That’s why I was so grateful to be hired by Adrienne, the sister of one of my past brides, to shoot her Kansas City wedding. Because she and her fiance Pat live in Portland, we weren’t able to coordinate an engagement session, but it didn’t take long for me to get comfortable with them on the wedding day. Not only were they so fun and easy to work with, their bridal party was so welcoming and friendly too! Awesome bridal parties are my love language.

All of the details from Pat and Adrienne’s day were thoroughly thought-out and just breath-taking… My favorite details to this day! (Shout out to Emmy-Ray for executing everything to absolute perfection. I wish I could work with her for every wedding!) Let me prove this by introducing you to the best wedding dress/bridesmaid dresses combo that you’ve ever seen. So good, y’all.

Elliott-Bridge Wedding-8

Those paired with the most beautiful bride? Yes, please.

Elliott-Bridge Wedding-31

Guys always seem to have a little more fun during the getting ready process…

Elliott-Bridge Wedding-33Elliott-Bridge Wedding-39Elliott-Bridge Wedding-51Elliott-Bridge Wedding-61Elliott-Bridge Wedding-66Elliott-Bridge Wedding-69Elliott-Bridge Wedding-86

Daddy-Daughter first looks are quickly becoming one of my favorite things.

Elliott-Bridge Wedding-92

But they’ll never be quite as good as bride & groom first looks… :)

Elliott-Bridge Wedding-105Elliott-Bridge Wedding-108Elliott-Bridge Wedding-121Elliott-Bridge Wedding-135Elliott-Bridge Wedding-137

That bouquet. My gosh.

Elliott-Bridge Wedding-141Elliott-Bridge Wedding-152Elliott-Bridge Wedding-162Elliott-Bridge Wedding-171Elliott-Bridge Wedding-183Elliott-Bridge Wedding-189Elliott-Bridge Wedding-194

And now I want to go back in time and steal all of Adrienne’s details for my own wedding.

Elliott-Bridge Wedding-198

Elliott-Bridge Wedding-302

Elliott-Bridge Wedding-326Elliott-Bridge Wedding-333Elliott-Bridge Wedding-375Elliott-Bridge Wedding-400Elliott-Bridge Wedding-409Elliott-Bridge Wedding-413Elliott-Bridge Wedding-450Elliott-Bridge Wedding-435Elliott-Bridge Wedding-446Elliott-Bridge Wedding-447Elliott-Bridge Wedding-455Elliott-Bridge Wedding-458Elliott-Bridge Wedding-466Elliott-Bridge Wedding-472Elliott-Bridge Wedding-476Elliott-Bridge Wedding-509Elliott-Bridge Wedding-537Elliott-Bridge Wedding-549Elliott-Bridge Wedding-559

Not only was it an exquisite evening, it was a blast of an evening!

Elliott-Bridge Wedding-574Elliott-Bridge Wedding-576Elliott-Bridge Wedding-609Elliott-Bridge Wedding-628

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