old school.

Xanga. You remember it. Surely you do. Xanga was before Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and even Myspace. It was probably before something else too, but Xanga was my first real exposure to social networking… If you can count it as that. Anyways, unlike most of my smart friends, I never deleted my Xanga. No, I will not link it. That would be far too embarrassing. This post is about to be embarrassing enough. Today, I decided that I would reminisce and read some of my old Xanga posts. Mistake? The jury’s still out on that one. For the sake of being real, I’ve decided to share some of my Xanga with you, Internet.

Commonly Used Phrases:

  • Gotta bounce!!! Oh geeze, 15 year-old me… Gotta bounce?! Really?
  • OH MI GOSH!!! Yes, always in caps and always spelled wrong.
  • Ergggggg!!! ;) Flirty pirate?? I really wish I knew.
  • I was like woaaaaa! Were you?
  • Later on… …what??
  • I lOvE jEsUs!!! Yes, I was one of those…
  • -xoxo- Kelsey Shortower

Internet, I encourage you to bust out your old Xanga, if you have one. Or maybe your Myspace. Or maybe even just find that old journal that you used to write your deepest darkest secrets in. It will be a great reminder to you: You’re never as cool as you think you are. Happy Thursday, Internet.

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