Weekend Recap: San Antonio!

WE FINALLY HAVE INTERENT AGAIN!!!! I never realized how much I used our wifi until it was gone… For EIGHT days!!! Obviously, blogging and emailing were made SUPER difficult, but I couldn’t even pull up my Pinterest recipes or watch Netflix & Hulu Plus. Gasp!!! Aaron was also suffering in great amounts because he wasn’t able to watch ANY Braves games with his new MLB tv. This is really a shame because they have been on FIRE the last week… They’re definitely starting the season great, and I’m hoping that Justin Upton will break a home run record this year. Aaron is so proud of me right now. All that being said, I am SO glad to have our wifi back. No more typing super long emails on my tiny iPhone keyboard or using ALL of my battery on 3G. How did we used to do life without the internet???

This weekend, Aaron and I took our very belated anniversary trip to San Antonio, Texas. I’ve wanted to visit San Antonio ever since I saw pictures of the Riverwalk years ago, so I was very excited that our hotel was located in the heart of it all!

Headed out on our wayyyyy too early flight… I might have had two rounds of Starbucks that morning.

Just being weird on the shuttle to our rental car… It’s sad how normal this is for us.

Visiting the Alamo… Aaron was very excited about seeing this little piece of history because Davey Crockett was awesome and all this relates to the University of Tennesee? Or something like that? All I know is GO NOLES!

Being weird again… But I mean, really… Why are mannequins always posed in the most odd positions?? NO ONE stands like that.

There were a plethora of mirror pictures taken on our trip. I’m seriously considering buying a tripod for my iPhone and using a self-timer app because it is so difficult for me to get a good picture of us. Does anyone own a tripod for their phone? Or is that really too much?

SEA WORLD! We made a last minute decision to go see Shamu while we were in San Antonio, and I’m so glad we did! It’s been a few years since I had been to Orlando’s park, and it ended up being the PERFECT day to go. The weather was amazing, and, compared to what I’m used to at Sea World Orlando, there was basically no one at the park. It was a great day!

Oh, you know, just taking pictures through a peephole.

The lobby of our hotel. It was SO swanky. Yes, swanky.

I finally broke down and asked someone to take a picture for us.

I decided that I’m going to need to go back to San Antonio one day for a session or two! The city is SO unique and packed full of awesome locations to shoot around. Ideally, I’ll find a couple with a private plane, and we can just jet down there one afternoon… Maybe even stay for dinner! Any takers?

The last day of our trip, we spent some time at the rooftop pool. See??? Swanky! This Florida girl was in HEAVEN because I have been longing for warm weather for SIX MONTHS now. Does anyone else think that this has been the longest winter of all time?

Another mirror pic… Don’t judge us. :)

For our official anniversary dinner, we ate at my favorite restaurant, Pappadeaux. Beautiful weather, live music, lobster tail, and Chilean sea bass?
You just can’t beat it.

Headed back home to Fayetteville. :( Ps… How cute is that scarf?! That was an awesome $6 Plato’s Closet find. Thrifting for the win!

Happy Wednesday! :)

  • April 10, 2013 - 3:56 pm

    Katlyn - I will be moving to San Antonio in July! I would love for you to take pictures of me, and my soon to be husband! I don’t have a private plane though! :(ReplyCancel

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