Happy 26th Birthday, Husbie!!!! :)

Twenty-Six things I love about you, in no particular order…

1. I love your superhero-loving, documentary-watching, dorky side.
2. I love your face when you’ve just woken up from a nap. Holy cute.
3. I love your Chandler dance.
4. I love that you’re so supportive of all my crazy dreams and ideas.
5. I love your passion for students and seeing the Lord use you as an incredible youth pastor.
6. I love your sense of humor.
7. I love that you never have trouble polishing off a plate of cookies, so I’m not tempted by them at a later time.
8. I love that you listen to me with genuine care and interest.
9. I love that you’re so disciplined. Hopefully, it’s rubbing off on me.
10. I love that you take an interest in photography because you know it’s important to me.
11. I love that you always accompany me to Goodwill for my 3 hour thrifting adventures.
12. I love that you’re a little weird.
13. I love your leadership.
14. I love your pointy little faux-hawk. :)
15. I love that you’re so selfless and always put others first.
16. I love that you can have an entire conversation with me in Friends quotes.
17. I love that you always take the #noleygirl out at night because I’m afraid of the dark.
18. I love how passionate you are about teaching the truths of Scripture with boldness and integrity.
19. I love your adorable smile. :)
20. I love that you always prioritize spending quality time with me.
21. I love how worked up you let yourself get when it comes to the Braves and really ridiculous infield fly calls.
22. I love that you always wake me up so nicely because you know I am NOT a morning person.
23. I love your constant faithfulness to the Lord and His leading.
24. I love that you love to cheer against the University of Florida, almost as much as I do.
25. I love how handsome you are.
26. I love that you are such a gentleman and open every door for me.

Happy Birthday, babe! :)

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