Wedding Wednesday | Cloud Parade

You’ve been searching for the perfect cake topper for 5 months, but nothing you’ve found seems to be cutting it. They’re all too plastic-y, bird themed, or 90’s looking. It’s getting pretty close to your wedding, so if you don’t find it in the next week, you’ll be stuck with the one your mom picked up on clearance at Michael’s for .99 cents. Yeesh. Then it happens. One moment, you’re aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest, and the next moment, you’re face to face with your DREAM cake topper. YES! It is everything you’ve been looking for and more. You click the image to be taken to the cake topper’s website because you’re ordering it this very second! And then, your worst nightmare happens… “The webpage cannot be found. HTTP 404.” You exit the window and try clicking again, hoping someone in internet world is just playing a cruel joke on you. But no. The error message appears again, and just like that, you’re back to square one.

Yeah, maybe my portrayal of ‘bride looking for perfect wedding cake topper’ was a little dramatic, but as I past bride, I know how FRUSTRATING that moment of planning can be when you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for anywhere! Ya’ll know that I LOVE Pinterest and have reaped its many benefits, but there are times that it just doesn’t do the job perfectly. Please, don’t stone me… I’m just speaking the truth! Time and time again, I have pinned recipes, jewelry, a DIY project, etc, only to later find that the pin doesn’t exist.  How does this even happen??? This can be INCREDIBLY frustrating, especially when carefully planning out the details of a wedding.

Enter Cloud Parade!

A group amazing photographers that I’ve followed for years have recently launched Cloud Parade… An awesome wedding community that allows brides (or anyone for that matter) to browse products from hundreds of different vendors. The thing that’s so awesome about Cloud Parade is its filtering options! Say you really are looking for that perfect cake topper. You can search ‘cake topper’ and then narrow the search results by color and style, which is SO much more efficient then sorting through thousands of unorganized pins on Pinterest. Once you’ve found the perfect item, you can add it to your inspiration board and purchase it right then and there. Watch this short video to really understand the power and efficiency of Cloud Parade:

See what I’m saying? SO clever, adorable, and workable! Plus, their branding is spot on and PERFECT for the market they’re in! If you are a bride, you NEED to sign up TODAY! I only wish this had existed when Aaron & I were engaged, as I’m sure it would have saved me MANY headaches. I was browsing around the site today, and here are some adorable things I discovered in the process!

How amazing is this cake topper?! I figured it was appropriate. :)

And this hair piece? I’m seriously dying over here!!!!

And a little something for Aaron, cause I’m a good wife like that. :)

Happy Wednesday! :)

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