Alexa | Jacksonville Senior Photographer

I’ve known Alexa for almost as long as I can remember. She and my youngest brother are the same age and have always been in the same groups at church… You can imagine how old I felt when she asked me to take her senior pictures when I was visiting Jacksonville. Grandma Kelsey, over here.

Alexa is such a godly young woman who is full of life and just oozing with creativity. Let me tell you… This girl is an artist and is going to go places in life! And maybe the best part, she’s going to be a part of Nole Nation next fall! >>>—-;;—-> GO FSU! Okay, I’m done now. :)

Alexa Carter-8Alexa Carter-17Alexa Carter-20Alexa Carter-24Alexa Carter-25Alexa Carter-28Alexa Carter-34Alexa Carter-38Alexa Carter-53Alexa Carter-65

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