Taylor & Riley | Fayetteville Engagement Photographer

Since the day they asked me to be their wedding photographer, I have been counting down the days to Taylor and Riley’s June 2015 wedding. Just when I thought I couldn’t get anymore excited, I shot their engagement session, and now I just wish I could push fast forward to the summer.

Something about high school sweethearts just gets me. Maybe because I not-so-secretly wish that Aaron and I were high school sweethearts with a super long history and awkward prom pictures to go with it? Taylor and Riley have all of that, and it is just plain adorable. They are such a sweet, hilarious, godly couple, and I’m so glad that I was able to meet them through our church 3 years ago. Enjoy my favorites from their engagement session!

Taylor & Riley | Engagement-2Taylor & Riley | Engagement-6

When you’re a photographer and this is approximately the 4th picture that you take during a session, you get excited. Riley, you are a stunner!!!

Taylor & Riley | Engagement-10Taylor & Riley | Engagement-12Taylor & Riley | Engagement-15Taylor & Riley | Engagement-54Taylor & Riley | Engagement-58Taylor & Riley | Engagement-62Taylor & Riley | Engagement-64Taylor & Riley | Engagement-68Taylor & Riley | Engagement-70Taylor & Riley | Engagement-74Taylor & Riley | Engagement-83Taylor & Riley | Engagement-77

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