Class of 2011: Ashley

When Ashley contacted me about doing her senior pictures while I was in FL for spring break, I got so stoked because she is a STUNNER. I knew she would be so easy to shoot, and I was right. Like always, Internet. :) Here’s the fun part to the story… As I’m getting my camera situated and about to shoot my first frame, I realize that I don’t have a single CF card with me. Seriously, Kels? Who does that?! Awesome. A photographer without at least one CF card is pretty much useless. Thankfully, the park where we shot was super close to my house, and the madre was gracious enough to meet me half way with the little guys. I just remember thinking over and over, I am SO THANKFUL this is not a wedding. That would probably have taken the title of biggest tragedy of my life. Ever. Lesson learned – Always be super thorough when loading up your camera bag for a shoot.

Like I was saying before I interrupted myself with that tragic story… Ashley was an absolute blast to shoot. She’s a triple threat: Beautiful smile, killer eyes, and AWESOME freckles. I’m not biased at all. At one point during our shoot, an old man with a camera approached me and started asking me questions about my camera/work when I was clearly in the middle of a shoot. We were able to get back to shooting when he left, but then HE CAME BACK! I, of course, was trying to be super professional and ignore him. I continued shooting until he started taking pictures of me and Ashley. SERIOUSLY?! Creeper of the century!

Despite my little CF card mishap and creeper man, it was a great shoot. Florida weather in March = WONDERFUL. Here are some of my favorites from our shoot…

Oh, oh! Ps… My blog just got a little more awesome because now you can vote on your favorite images! Holler! Do it, internet! :)

This girl’s got some SERIOUS lashes. Love them!

I feel like this is a very typical Ashley face…. :)

Favorite #1.

Told you, internet. Stunner.

Favorite #2.

Favorites #3 & #4. So what if I have 4 favorites? Sue me.

Happy Tuesday! :)

  • April 8, 2011 - 4:18 pm

    tricia - Where did you take these? They are all beautiful! I am a photographer in Jacksonville, Florida and am always looking for new places to shoot!ReplyCancel

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