Five Months Old | Archer Daniel


Weight: Our little tank is 18lbs 4oz. How are my biceps not huge?!

Height: 27.5 inches! It’s crazy to me that he grew 2.5 inches in one month!


Sleep: He goes to sleep a little earlier now, around 8pm. Most mornings, he’ll sleep til about 7am. We are definitely okay with this. :)

Eating: Towards the end of month four, I decided to wean him, so he’s taking formula with rice cereal added. Thankfully, it hasn’t been a hard transition, which I can probably attribute to him taking formula since the beginning. We also started him on some veggies… I know it was a little early, but with how quickly he’s blown up, I just felt like he needed more. We’ve tried peas, squash, sweet potatoes, and green beans so far. He likes everything, but I think sweet potatoes are his favorite… He will just scarf them down.

This is “jinglebug” that he loves so much.


Diapers: We’ve moved to 3’s!

Clothing: There are a few 3-6 pieces he can fit in, but he’s mainly in 6-9 now!


Mood: He loves to laugh, seems to be discovering everything, and is only cranky when he’s tired.

I melt.



-Noley. Seriously, pretty sure he loves our dog quite a bit more than she loves either Aaron or I.
-His activity center. He’s just realizing that he can bounce up and down in it, and he loves playing with all the toys attached to it.
-Sweet potatoes. It’s crazy how fast that boy can down a container of them!
-Grabbing his feet.
-Grabbing our faces when we give him kisses. This one is mainly cute, but it’s also a whole lot of painful. The kid has a crazy grip!
-Kicking in the bath. Bath time is so hilarious because he doesn’t ever smile or talk, but his eyes bug out while he kicks his feet like a crazy person.
-Falling asleep while being held. This is a total flip from last month, and I’m not really sure how I feel about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the extra cuddles, but I REALLY loved when I used to be able to lay him down awake and he would fall asleep on his own.


Doesn’t Love:

-Noley’s barking. This is probably his least favorite thing of all time. It scares the sweet potatoes straight out of him. Ha.
-Being hot. He’s still a diva about this one.
-Getting his face wiped off after finishing his food. You would think we have the washcloth soaked in acid by the way he responds… It’s a little dramatic.


His chunkiness is just the best… And makes me laugh when it looks a little like baby cleavage. Hahaha.


What I Want to Remember:

-The way he bends his legs and puts the bottoms of his feet together like a little frog. :)
-How he hold his arms up by his head (think “touchdown!”) and turns his head to the right when he’s sleeping.
-His adorable “talking” when he first wakes up in the morning or after nap time.
-He started doing this deep, man-voice, fake laugh the other day. It’s pretty hysterical.


Looking Forward To:

-My mom coming next weekend. She hasn’t seen him since June, and he’s basically blown up since then!
-Going to visit some of our favorite friends, the Lamontes, at the beginning of September in Tyler, TX.

Those eyes though.


We love you, Archer!

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