Happys & Sads

Growing up, my mom always had my brothers and I share our “happys & sads” with each other before bedtime… Basically, are favorite and not-so-favorite parts of the day. I decided that Fridays on the blog will be happys & sads day, but a look back at the entire week.

This week’s happys go to:

-Launching my new blog! Yay! It was a huge stress relief to FINALLY see it go live on Monday, and I am SO thankful for all the sweet words and encouragement that so many of you have sent me over the last few days.
-Starbucks’ Iced VIA. Love that stuff.
-Having my awesome Aaron accompany me to a session this week. I’m trying to teach him a little bit each week, and he’s seriously getting good! Maybe I’ll have a permanent second shooter pretty soon! :)
-Getting all of my new packaging & marketing materials in the mail!!!
-Scoring 4 shirts, a pair of pants, a dress, a cardigan, and a vest at Goodwill for $26! Thrifting for the win!
-Being able to say that I’ll be in Florida in 47 DAYS!!!!! :D

 This  week’s sads go to:

-The disaster that  is our guest bedroom/my office at the moment. I literally have to jump over things to  get around.
-The amount of laundry that  is currently waiting for me in the hallway. :(
-This is more shocking than sad, but both of my parents  got iPhones yesterday. I await about 800 confused/frustrated phone calls from them.
– The Bachelorette, and how all those ridiculous guys have already sucked me in. Don’t judge me, Internet.


 Ps… Here’s a peek of some of my new packaging/marketing goodness! (Taken with VSCOcam for the iPhone4s)


  • May 18, 2012 - 6:57 pm

    Corrie Dorman - Kelsey I love love love your blog and I love your new materials! My family plays a game called hi-low. We do it at the dinner table. My staff at camp calls it Rose and Thorn.

    Also do not feel bad about the Bachelorette, I’m already hooked too. Who are your frontrunners?


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