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Far too often, the idea of “tradition” can come off as stiff, boring, and unoriginal. I remember writing off MANY wedding traditions because I didn’t care about doing what every other bride in the world had already done. Looking back, I wish I would have changed my attitude towards traditions so that I would have had those fun memories of the wedding day, instead of not wanting to be like everyone else. Man, I’m so hipster.

One of my favorite wedding traditions that I didn’t take part in is “something borrowed”, and there are so many unique and special ways that you can incorporate this into your wedding day!

1. Groom’s Dress Shirt – Don’t count out the groom when planning out your something borrowed! Borrow one of his favorite dress shirts to get ready in the morning of the wedding… Maybe even consider getting the pocket monogrammed with your new initials! (Okay, he probably won’t want it back after that!)

source: Southern Aisle

2. Parent/Grandparent’s Cake Topper – If your or your groom’s parents/grandparents still have their cake topper saved from their wedding, ask if you can borrow it for your wedding cake! Not only would this bring a uniqueness to your cake, but I’m sure that any parent or grandparent would be so honored by this!

source: Style Me Pretty

3. Family Heirloom – Does your family have a piece of jewelry that’s been passed down for generations? An antique broach, cameo, or locket is the perfect addition to your bouquet, especially when helping you remember a special family member who has passed away.

source: Ruffled Blog

4. Fur Wrap – For you brides who plan on getting married in the winter months, this one is both special AND practical. Adding a fur wrap to your wedding ensemble for outdoor pictures never fails to look beautifully elegant, and it will help you stand the cold just a little longer while your photographer gets those perfect shots! :)

source: Ruffled Blog

5. Classic Car – Few things will make your wedding day feel more fancy than being transported around town in a classic car, especially if it belongs to a close friend or family member who took the time to restore it!

source: Perfect Bound

6. Mom’s Veil – Whether it’s lace trimmed, birdcage, or cathedral length, every mom would be more than touched to have her daughter sport her veil on her wedding day… Even if you have to make a few alterations to it!

source: Megan Lange Blog

7. Mom’s Wedding Dress – Now, this is for you brides who are VERY brave. There was a lot of questionable fashion going on in 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, so making alterations would probably be a necessity. If done right, the result can be so meaningful and even more unique!

source: TLC’s Something Borrowed, Something New

8. Jewelry – This is one of the most frequent items that brides borrow for their wedding day. Not only does it help you fulfill tradition, but I can save you a ton of money!

source: Wedding Elation

9. Decor – If you’re planning an outdoor wedding and want to spruce up your space with some character and personality, consider borrowing furniture, linens, and other various decor items to make it unique!

source: Green Bride Guide

10. Dinnerware – I cannot even express how much I adore when couples use mismatched, vintage china at each place setting. There are actually companies who specialize in suppling these for weddings, but borrowing is another great option, as long as you can find some very trusting friends and family. :)

source: Rustic Wedding Chic

Happy Wednesday!

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