April Goals

Wasn’t I just typing out my March Goals last week?? Seriously… Where did the month go? Thankfully, last month’s goals are a lot less embarrassing to recap than February’s were. See! Progress. :)

March’s BUSINESS goals

1. Sell my 24-70 2.8L. For real this time. I actually have a sale pending on this, so it’s almost complete!
2. Sell my old Macbook Pro, since I upgraded in November.
3RELAX. I know that’s probably not considered a “goal”, but if I find time to rest this month, it will greatly benefit me when April gets CRAZY.
4. Continue to blog consistently. I’m actually going to be taking a little blog-vacation next week, but that’s acceptable if it’s planned, right?? :)
5. Finalize (again) my bride & groom welcome packet. I’m marking this one off because it’s like 95% done, and I’m tired of seeing it.
6. Purchase Quickbooks. Technically, didn’t do this, but I did decide to go with a different system to keep track of things. :)

March’s PERSONAL goals

1. Go to the gym 4x’s a week.
2. Re-read Tozer’s The Pursuit of God. Uhhh… I started it!
3. Finish getting together Aaron’s anniversary and birthday presents.
4. Survive an entire WEEK without Aaron while he is in New Orleans on a missions trip during spring break. It was terrible, but I did it.
5. Eat more fruits and vegetables. I’d like to try juicing cause that’s what all the cool kids are doing, but I don’t want to spend any money… I’ll just stick to really sweet smoothies that probably aren’t all that healthy. :) Didn’t even come close to this one. Whoopsies.

And for the month of April…


1. Open a checking account to keep all of my business funds separate. I probably should have done this a loooong time ago.
2. Continue to blog consistently. 4-5 times a week seems to be perfect (and realistic).
3. Shoot lots of engagement sessions! Yay!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the explosion of exclamation points, but it has been such a long winter… I am so ready for this!
4. Shoot two (maybe more) bridal sessions! I couldn’t be more excited for this either!
5. Shoot my first wedding of 2013! Can you tell I’m itching to shoot?? Seriously, winter is the worst.
6. Stay on top of editing! This hasn’t ever been a strong suit of mine, but I’ve greatly improved my turn-around time in the last 6 months.
7. Order 2 Canon 600 EX-RT’s for wedding season!
8. Buy the Canon 35/1.4L. I’ve been lusting over this lens for so long now!


1. Continue to work out 4x’s a week. I think by this point, this is a given, but I’m afraid that if I don’t write it, I won’t do it!
2. Eat fruits and veggies. I’m pretty good about fruit, but the only veggies I like are green beans… Out of the can. I don’t even think that counts.
3. Take personal pictures! I’ve done a pretty good job with this the last week, and I need to keep it up.
4. Use my crockpot more. I’m sick of the recipes with cream of chicken soup. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!
5. Get ready for the day. This one makes me sound like Queen Lazy, but whatever… Working from home has lots of benefits. One of greatest ones being the ability to stay in your pajamas all day. Not that I would EVER think of doing that……. Well, I’ve noticed that I’m much more productive when I get ready for the day, so I should probably start sacrificing a little comfort for the sake of accomplishment.

And for everyone’s enjoyment, here’s a little April Fool’s prank that Aaron and I were victim of yesterday…

In case you have trouble reading it, it says, “It’s a girl!!! Baby Crawford!” Oh, Megan, you are the funniest. ;)
And for the record, we’re not having a girl… Or a baby for that matter. The end.

Happy Tuesday!

  • April 2, 2013 - 9:47 am

    Krystle Tribe - I use my crock pot for LOADS of different things…
    1. Chilli! (And make extra and freeze for when you’re super busy!)
    2. I made my Easter Ham in my crock pot on Sunday. I took a spiral ham, made a glaze/was given a glaze recipes, and then basted it every 30 minutes all afternoon (I had an afternoon ALLLL to myself on Easter. It was delightful). The almost hubs loved it!
    3. Pot Roast – The Pioneer Woman one I use calls for Soda. I’m currently on the hunt for a better one!
    4. Roasted Chicken (although the one time I did this I used my mom’s electric roaster which uses oven temps…but I bet you could easily do it with your slow cooker and then turn the juices into soup! I always add some parsnips and carrots to the bottom of my roaster when I do chicken because they come out OH so yummy!

    I also pretty much refuse to use cream of mushroom soup. I probably saw it on Pinterest but there is an alternative that uses butter, milk and flour I believe. :)

    Love cooking!ReplyCancel

  • April 2, 2013 - 10:47 am

    Janine A. Enold - Hey Kelsey!

    I need to start blogging my monthly goals!

    I love my crock pot. I don’t know if I could survive without it! Hubby and I have opposite schedules and so I make a lot of our food in advance. Life is busy and I love any recipe that I can “fix and forget”! We’ve made mac & cheese, pulled pork, roast, soups, all sorts of things!

    As far as veggies go, I used to puree cauliflower and mix it into my garlic mashed potatoes! You can’t even taste it if the mix is 1/3 cauliflower and 2/3 potatoes. My husband would not touch vegetables with a 10 foot pole (he’s much better 5 years later)!ReplyCancel

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